Betty Moreno

Warehouse & Gutters Lead

2 Years

Betty was born and raised in Texas and grew up working alongside her father in the farm fields. Her father taught her at a young age what hard work really is, and most importantly to be thankful every day for what God provides. After high-school graduation, Betty worked in the food industry and eventually managed a Mexican restaurant. She then met and married her husband, Luis, who was in the roofing business. They traveled throughout the Midwest following storms, roofing damaged homes. Betty increasingly helped with the roofing processes and ultimately managed her own crew.

Their roofing business brought the Morenos to Kansas, where for many years they both managed roofing crews for Eaton Roofing. After years of working in the elements, Betty joined Eaton Roofing & Exteriors full-time in 2017, supporting roofing crews in a different capacity as warehouse support. She also manages the gutter installation side of the business.

Betty has two children, and one on the way. She loves spending time with family, scrapbooking and card making. The Morenos travel to Mexico every August for a very special church event.