We’ve seen commercial and retail owners lean toward metal buildings for their current, bold vibe. Behind that distinctive look, however, is a huge cost benefit.

Compared to conventional building materials, metal wears longer because it’s more impact resistant. Owners make fewer repairs. Metal buildings are also highly sustainable. They get great marks for energy efficiency/consumption and ability to be recycled. Ask us for more cost/benefit information, or an estimate.

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Get A Metal Roof Makeover

Metal roofs and siding have become popular across the country for the unique aesthetic they create for a home or business. They look great on any structure and can set a home or commercial building apart from its peers.

A metal roof can lower your energy bills because it lowers a building’s heat gain through the roof and can save on cooling costs. Metal roofing is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It can qualify for LEED points, tax credits and homeowner insurance discounts because of energy efficiency, high recycled content, long life span and weather resistance ratings.

From a wide range of superior metal roofing products to a lifetime paint warranty, we provide unbeatable quality, service and design range. To help you with color selection, our manufacturer provides a Color Visualizer tool so you can view color combinations.

Ask us for more information and access to an extensive gallery of metal roofing projects.

Eaton Roofing And Exteriors Metal Buildings Better Performance
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Enhanced Beauty

Better Performance

Exterior coatings allow an owner to play the long game with their metal building or roof. They protect the metal surface from rusting, warping, pitting and other unfavorable conditions.

Metal buildings and roofs made of aluminum and steel are made to be highly durable, but proper care, including exterior coatings, will help protect them from harsh weather and elements. We strongly recommend taking this important step to durability and maximum performance. Ask us for more information.