Navigating the claims process after you’ve sustained damage to your roof can be overwhelming. It’s a process and it’s important to not misstep, as it can impact your insurance rates. Eaton Roofing & Exteriors is here to help with your insurance claim from start to finish. If you have questions, contact us.

Eaton Roofing And Exteriors Insurance Claims

How Filing A Claim Works

Eaton Roofing And Exteriors Check For Damage

1. Check for damage as soon as possible

If you suspect your roof or property have been damaged after a weather event, contact a reputable and licensed roofing contractor like Eaton Roofing & Exteriors to schedule a professional inspection. Keep in mind that even if your roof appears intact from the outside, there could be significant internal damage that only a trained roofing specialist can identify. Some insurance policies have stipulations that detail how long you can wait after the damage has occurred to your roof and still have it covered under your insurance policy. After a severe storm and as soon as it is safe to do so, have your roof inspected by a professional.

Eaton Roofing And Exteriors Select Your Contactor

2. Select and meet with your roofing contractor

Before a claim is filed schedule an inspection with a roofing contractor. Be sure the contractor you select is registered. Roofing registration certificates are issued by the Kansas Attorney General’s office. You can check the complete list, which ensures contractors are registered, licensed and tax compliant, at

In some cases, you may have roof damage that is not major enough to warrant an insurance claim. In this case, your preferred roofing contractor can work with you to plan how to repair your roof. Filing unnecessary claims may cause your insurance company to raise your rates or potentially drop your policy.

Eaton Roofing And Exteriors File A Claim

3. File a claim

If the contractor’s estimate for repairs warrants filing a claim, do so now. When you submit your roof insurance claim an insurance adjuster will most likely be sent to inspect the damage and determine what the insurance company will pay out to repair or replace your roof. Speak with your insurance company to understand what your insurance policy covers. And don’t forget to ask your insurance agent about product discounts.

Eaton Roofing And Exteriors Schedule Your Service

4. Schedule your service

Assuming your roof insurance claim is covered under your existing homeowner’s policy, you will be given funds to repair the damage. You can now schedule with your preferred roofing contractor and sign the contract to complete repairs or replace your entire roof.

Eaton Roofing And Exteriors 3d Model Team Consultation

5. Pay for your service

Your insurance will provide payments directly to you. You will be responsible for payment, depreciation and deductible to the contractor. Your insurance company will require proof the repair work was performed.

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