Roof Warranties What Does It Cover

Roof purchases are crucial investments for your home or business. If you invest in a roof, you should also consider investing in a warranty. Before making the purchase, know about what types of warranties are available as well as what is covered.

Workmanship Only

Eaton Roofing & Exteriors fully warrants the installation on any product we install, generally for two years, from the completion of the installation. We take pride in standing behind our quality of work. Our workmanship warranty does not cover any product or installation that is misused or abused or suffers severe weather such as hail, tornadoes, or severe winds. We have a Service/Warranty Department designed specifically to take care of even the most minor customer need.

“We want to provide homeowners with the reassurance that the work we preform is held to the highest standard and want our customers to be completely satisfied,” says Amy Hansen, Manager of the Service and Warranty Department. “The roof system is one of the most important components of the home and we make sure what you care about most is protected without flaw.”

Roof Warranty Davinci Eaton Roofing
Roof Warranty Davinci Eaton Roofing

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s warranties can cover material, labor, and systems. Of course, not all warranties are the same. You need to understand precisely what goes into your warranty. Most roof warranties are provided not by the contractor who installs your roof, but by the manufacturer of the shingles.

Most roofs are made of asphalt shingles, which usually have a life expectancy of either 25 or 30 years. Standard material warranties only cover the cost of the roofing materials (i.e., the shingles), not the cost of the labor required to remove and dispose of old shingles and to install new ones. Additionally, material warranties are generally prorated, which means you only get reimbursed for the original cost of the shingles less the value of the time expired. For example, if there were 10 years expired on a 40 year roof, the manufacturer would reimburse 75% of the original cost of the shingles.

When you purchase a new roof, you need to pay close attention to the warranty options that are important to you. It is crucial that you have a warranty in case anything goes wrong. Most of the time, if something does go wrong, it is simple enough to be fixed with your warranty before the problem gets out of hand. Call or contact us today to get a free estimate on your roof.