Handling Storm Damage Part 1 Avoiding Storm Chasers

The aftermath of a damaging storm is one of the most difficult situations you will ever have to deal with as a homeowner. You must ensure your family’s safety, secure temporary shelter and then have the damage properly documented for your insurance provider.

In the first part of our two-part blog, we discuss the importance of working with professional roofing contractors when dealing with storm damage. We begin by discussing what “storm chasers” are and why you should avoid them:

What Are Storm Chasers?

Storm chasers are temporary “contractors” that chase storms, offering repair services to unsuspecting homeowners. They prey on homeowners who desperately need a working roof and don’t know any better. These repair services are often done as quickly as possible, paid in cash and often without a proper roofing contract.

As these “roofers” are not likely to be listed with the Better Business Bureau or have a state license, there will be no way to check for customer feedback or references that could vouch for them. And if you need to follow up with workmanship warranty, it will be nearly impossible to do so as they do not have a physical address or permanent phone number.

The Dangers of Working with Storm Chasers

There are many reasons to stick with professional roofers and not let storm chasers work on your home. For instance, the “repairs” they provide is substandard, cleverly disguised to make it look like they did professional work. It gives you a false sense of security thinking your roof is ready for the next storm, when in fact it’s not.

Storm chasers also have no regard for local building code requirements, which means you may need to hire local professionals to correct errors. There is also the possibility that their work will void your existing warranty as well as your insurance coverage. Ultimately, working with storm chasers will only make your roofing problems worse.

So, what should you do instead? In our next blog, we discuss the advantages of working with licensed and insured roofing contractors. In the meantime, to learn more about our roofing services, call Eaton Roofing & Exteriors or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate.