Eaton Roofing New Ownership

We have news we’re very excited to share. Eaton Roofing & Exterior’s Founder Mark Eaton has announced the sale of the company to four long-standing members of our existing leadership team. The new ownership group includes Chad Harrison, whom Mark named president in November 2018, Bill McCormack, Jack Burks and Gary Cokely.

While nothing about the way we serve you will change, and the same great team is in place across the state, we want you to join the celebration and know a little more about the backstory of our news. Here’s what Mark Eaton said:

“Selling the company was not in my plans, but these friends and colleagues surprised me with a unique opportunity. When that happens you ask yourself, ‘yes or no, now or later?’ My answer was both yes and now.

Our success has always been and will be the result of great clients and an amazing team that is more like family than a group of individuals. This company has good bones and I believe it will continue to grow and become stronger. These four gentlemen have a tremendous history of leadership and service.”