Star Showcase Home Roof Featured

Our partnership with Star Lumber, a local longstanding Wichita staple company, spans over several decades. That relationship was built on our mutual reliability in the communities we serve. In 2005, we were honored to be the lead contractor for ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Star Lumber didn’t hesitate to jump on board. Now that Star is leading the Showcase Home benefiting the Wichita Children’s Home, a nonprofit organization that offers the only emergency, temporary, and residential care for children in our community, we are returning that favor.

This 1930’s Tudor in the historic Sleepy Hollow neighborhood needed a major overhaul and Star’s vision for this project is to restore the home to its original beauty. This home has many challenges, including a roof that had multiple layers of material that had to be removed. Our crew removed shake shingles that were applied over wood shingles, as well as a wood slat decking.

“In the 30’s, the building codes allowed for a new roof applications to be applied over the top of a wood shingle”, says Bill McCormack, owner and VP of Sales. “Wood slats were very common for the era, too. The idea behind this is when the wood shingles got wet and expanded, the wood slats would keep the water from entering the house by allowing the shingles to dry out from the backside.”

Other challenges included the steep pitch of the roof, three fireplaces with original flashings, as well as the various roof slopes that tie into each other. Additionally, the wood shake siding is original to the home and had several layers of paint. With the new roof, the side wall flashings were all replaced, so the wood siding had to be removed along with the existing roofing materials. The home is slated to be resided with new siding from James Hardie later in the project.

Once down to the wood slats, we were able to put the decking over it. From there, we put on a synthetic underlayment and a lifetime warranted asphalt shingle. “We have some great benefits with this shingle. It carries a 130 mile per hour wind warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty”, McCormack said

On top of the roof upgrade, we removed the gutters along with the existing fascia and replaced it with 5/4 fiber cement trim board. Since the fascia is pre-finished, it should never need repainted. Next to the black shingle, it will be stunning!

From the Eaton Roofing family to our extended family at Star Lumber, we thank you! It’s an honor to serve next to you in the community we call home.